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Art Of Conversation

"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries."

~ René Descartes

A book is a labyrinth that guides you through itself. Actually, that’s not quite right – a labyrinth is a single route laid out in a complex way, whereas a maze is a complex route with many detours, divagations, and digressions to dead ends. A book, in that case, is a maze: its language both builds the puzzle to be solved and reveals the solution, along with other deceptive paths that lead you in the wrong direction. Its text creates the puzzle, a story to be discovered and journeyed through, while also...

Every cave worth exploring has a dragon inside. Perhaps not one with claws and wings, and maybe this dragon does not breathe fire, but whatever its size or temperament, it menaces us from inside the cave. Meanwhile, we the adventurers stand at the entrance to that lair, the presence of the dragon cautioning us against crossing the threshold even as that same danger tempts us to explore. We need the dragon, the risk, the unknown waiting to be discovered to make the journey worthwhile.

When I was a child v...

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