“I like people to express themselves heartily, their words following wherever their thoughts lead.”

~ Montaigne, On the Art of Conversation

What is Art Of Conversation?

Officially, Art Of Conversation is a weekly publication about culture, with a focus on literature and cinema. Really, I’m examining how culture — and a deep engagement with books and movies — can help us live a good life.

Art Of Conversation is the product of two convictions. First, that culture is a conversation between times and places, and we can join in that conversation. Second, that meaning is found not in the shallows of life but in its depths.

At Art Of Conversation, you’ll read:

  • Essays: Long-form essays that explore books and films, from the latest to the classics, to see what they can tell us about meaning and purpose. Expect metaphysics to influence metal music and Nabokov to explain Netflix.

  • Marginalia: Shorter pieces that are more like traditional criticism, though I lean away from reductive “thumbs up or down” assessments. Instead, I look at what works, what doesn’t, and why it matters.

  • Soundings: A series in which I write about my ongoing struggles with faith and my journey into what Christian philosopher Paul Tillich calls matters of “ultimate concern”. Read: “What Are Soundings?”

  • Double Take: A series in which I take a second look at books and films I first encountered years ago. Sometimes, I want to know if something I once loved stands up today; sometimes, it’s something I loathed and feel deserves a second chance.

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