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Art Of Conversation is an online project to introduce literature and cinema to philosophy and science, blend pop culture and high culture, and mix the contemporary with the classics. Expect Kafka's Metamorphosis to meet the Marvel movies, metaphysics to influence metal music, and Nabokov to explain Netflix.

Art Of Conversation came out of a crisis. I was living in Mexico, struggling to learn the language and to explain what I was doing there. I told myself I was a writer, so I wrote. I wrote about every book I read and movie I watched, because I had few opportunities to talk about those things in my native tongue.


Eventually, I realised I was trying to understand what I was doing in life – who I was, what I believed in, and what I valued. I learned that, just like our tastes in music, literature, and cinema, the answers to those questions can change. Just like our appreciation of the arts, our understanding of ourselves and our world can deepen.

I found so many answers to questions and more questions worth considering by treating books and movies as things to be explored, challenges to respond to, and they became so much more than they had been. This is why Art Of Conversation is an affirmation that culture, books, and movies, should be actively engaged with rather than passively consumed.

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Perpetual Spoiler Warning: Art Of Conversation does deep-dives on culture, so it's a good idea to assume that if a book or movie is featured in an essay, we will be talking about it in detail.